Hi, I’m Kara.











Let’s get acquainted! Here’s a list of random facts about me.

– I don’t eat seafood.
– I first started keeping a diary at the age of 10 and I continue to write daily at LiveJournal and here.
– I love my family and hanging out with them.
– In my world, no one makes a better movie than Wes Anderson.
– I’ve been engaged but never married.
– Received a B.A. in English back in 2002 from Corban University.
– Radiohead, U2, Interpol and Muse are a few of my favorite bands.
– Bars and clubs are not my scene. I like to hang out in coffee shops and bookstores.
– The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is my favorite movie.
– Bill Murray is my favorite human being.
– I’ve been writing professionally since 2002.
– Swimming in the ocean is where I feel the most at peace and happy.
–  Having grown up in San Diego, I still consider myself to be a west coast girl at heart.
– I’m a Christian. I love God. He’s rad.
– I still use the word RAD on a daily basis.
– Arrested Development and Seinfeld are the best tv shows of all time in my opinion.
– I enjoy corresponding with people via snail mail and I’m always looking for new pen pals.
– My hobbies include interior design, cooking, writing and reading.
– I lived in Oregon for a number of years and the rain never bothered me. Now that I live elsewhere I can’t stand the rain.
– I dislike crowds.
– I started dieting at age 8.
– I loves spicy food. Tabasco and rooster sauce, anyone?
– I have a super cute Scottish Fold cat named Bijoux:



2 thoughts on “About

  1. ohiocook says:

    Thank you for dropping by my blog, and you have a fantastic blog!

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