God Stories: Rachelle B.

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July 30, 2014 by Kara Nichols



Here is a great story of God’s protection and provision from my friend Rachelle:

In February of 2002 I packed up my two-door, hunter green Ford Escort (named Oscar) with clothes and snacks, a map, and written directions, bound for Virginia to visit my friend Kit. At the time I was working midnight shifts, so it was no big deal for me to leave for the six-hour trip at midnight. Knowing that there would be minimal traffic in the middle of the night I decided to take the scenic route through the mountains. I wanted to save money by avoiding Turnpike fees.

With a full tank of gas, I headed out. I had also recently replaced all four brake pads and two tires, as well as changed the oil. About two hours into the trip it began to snow. I was in the mountains near Bedford, PA, which meant elevated temperatures and ice. I was driving cautiously, below the speed limit, probably listening to the Barenaked Ladies “Stunt” album, my favorite driving music at the time. Suddenly, maybe just 100 feet in front of me, a tree was falling down.

Knowing that if I slammed on the brakes I would just slide on the ice into the tree. I made the decision to rev the engine and “beat the tree.” I pressed down on the accelerator, held my breath, and prayed. The tree trunk disappeared behind me. I let out my breath. I had made it! THUD!!! It turns out that I hadn’t made it after all. The tree had fallen on my car, landing directly across the backseat. Even though I wasn’t really talking to God much those days, I believe he orchestrated the whole thing. Had I the tree landed any sooner it would’ve crushed me; any further back and it might’ve hit the gas tank and made the car explode. And since it wasn’t a head-on collision the air bag didn’t inflate, yet I walked away from the accident with nothing more than a skinned knee.

Once the initial shock wore off I did what most people in my situation would- I panicked. First of all, it was two o’clock in the morning. I was in the mountains in the middle of nowhere without a cell phone, and while I hadn’t passed a gas station in miles; I just knew there wasn’t going to be one in the next few miles either. Not that I could drive there anyway SINCE THERE WAS A TREE ON MY CAR.

Miraculously, I only waited about two minutes before God answered my prayers. In one direction came a tractor-trailer truck, and in the other, a PennDOT plow truck. I was soon resting in the 18-wheeler while an ambulance and the police were called. The paramedics gave me the A-OK and my parents received a phone call at 3:00AM to come retrieve their daughter from the Bedford County Police Barracks.

The one last blessing in disguise is the following. I had been trying to sell that Escort for nearly a year. Dating someone 50 miles away for nine months brought the mileage way too high and I had no takers. My insurance company ended up covering the remainder of my car loan payments, plus an additional $43—enough for half of a monthly bus pass!


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