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July 5, 2014 by Kara Nichols


In four days I will share an hour with a group of 6-12 year olds attempting to teach them poetry. I’m nervous about it because I’ve never officially taught, but now that I’ve started to come up with a lesson plan I feel more at ease. If it goes well I will teach the same class 5 more times throughout the summer/fall.

As of right now the plan is that I’m going to read them poems from the book Where the Sidewalk Ends and then have them write two poems. First, a bio poem. Secondly I’m give them the task of writing a list poem about love. I really hope they jump in head first and come up with interesting pieces. I figure both of these activities will be fun to bring home to show their parents. Here are the samples I created to share with them.


Name: Kara

Age: 34

Wishes to: go on a long road trip across America

Dreams of: unicorns and sparkly fireworks

Wants to: go swimming

Wonders about: how other people live around the world

Is afraid of: spiders and snakes

Likes: drinking coffee, writing and going to the library

Loves: my family

Plans to: get married and have babies


( A list poem)

Taking out the trash even when you don’t want to. Sharing candy. Playing with a pet. Rubbing suntan lotion on a friend’s back. Writing a letter. Giving a hug. Making dinner. Listening to music you don’t like but your friend likes. Forgiving someone who hurts your feelings.  Sharing your phone with a brother or sister. Giving a compliment like “Your hair is pretty” or “You are funny.”

(I’ll continue to add to my “Love Is” list but this is a start. Any suggestions on what love is in a way that kids can tangibly perceive?)

My hope is that they will be willing and eager to share their poems with the class. That would be a great filler. I have a feeling that they will whip through these projects pretty fast so I’m going to prepare some other activities. Lots of stickers and crayons, which will probably cost more than the money I’m making to teach the class. That’s fine, I’m in it for the experience.

I wonder too, if this might the beginning of something fun I can do with homeschool families for a small fee. We shall see!


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