God Stories: The beginning of something beautiful


June 22, 2014 by Kara Nichols

One of the highlights of working in Christian ministry full-time was hearing God Stories around the clock. Changed lives, miracles, practical needs being met and more. My jaw would drop as I read letters of countless tales of God providing for His children. I kept thinking that others needed to read these stories too because they were so encouraging. I kept coming back to Revelation 12:11 which says that it’s by the blood of the Lamb AND through our testimony that we are healed. And so the seed for God Stories was planted in my heart. A decade later and I’m no longer in full-time ministry but my passion for helping others share their God Stories has grown.


So here goes nothing. And here’s to following God’s lead no matter what the outcome! This blog series exists for one simple reason: bring glory to God. Nothing more, nothing less. If God has touched your life in some way, then you have a story to share. Many of the people who read this blog are not Christians, so who knows, your story may inspire them. If it seems like too much work or you don’t have time, I hope you will reconsider. If you don’t feel comfortable writing, I can put your thoughts to paper. If you do better answering questions, we can set up a phone call. I’m desperate to help you tell your God Stories because I know they have the potential to have a huge effect on hundreds, maybe even thousands of lives. I’m talking one paragraph or more. So are you in? E-mail me and let’s get started: kara.nichols AT gmail.com and share this page with others.

To kick things off I will share one of my God Stories later this week. Keep an eye out for it!



One thought on “God Stories: The beginning of something beautiful

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