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October 8, 2013 by Kara Nichols

As some of you know, on July 9th I started a new weight loss program – Medifast. The reason I chose Medifast is because it was so vastly different from Weight Watchers, which had been my go-to diet for years, even though I didn’t get results. I buy Medifast “snacks” each month and eat 5 of them a day. Some taste better than others but I’ve found my favorites that I love to eat. I’d be lost without the chocolate chip cookie and brownies, although they still pale in comparison to the real thing. Each of those five meals is about 100 calories and loaded with protein and vitamins and minerals. I have a sixth meal of lean meat and vegetables. It’s pretty straight forward and has been easy to follow. Although eliminating bread, rice, pasta, tortillas, fruit, dairy, desserts, sugary beverages, and alcohol isn’t my idea of a good time, I haven’t cheated yet. Well, I do eat more ketchup than recommended (2 tsp.) every once in a while. But don’t tell Gina, my health coach. I’m not giving up my condiments!

I’ve lost 30.8 pounds in these three months and a total of 45 pounds since last December. I feel great. My brother said my head looks smaller, lol, I think he meant my cheeks? And I’ve had to buy new clothes which is always fun. I thought by now I’d be sick of the pre-packaged food, or I would have gone off the program. I did need a phone intervention from my sister once when I nearly broke down and ordered a pizza. And I’m not going to lie, I miss pizza. But the good thing about this plan is that once I get to my goal weight I will be able to add in other foods. Right now all of the forbidden foods are just on vacation – not gone forever.  This feels different from any other time I’ve tried to lose weight. I’m committed. And while some people may find the strictness of the diet to be a turn off, I actually love it. It’s so black and white. There’s no guessing about portion sizes and I always have plenty of choices in the cupboard. I’ve even grown to love broccoli and aspargus. I crave both of those veggies instead of craving sugar.

Another interesting development is that I’ve started to watch two cooking shows. In the past I would have seen it as torture because I couldn’t eat the foods they were making, but I find it inspiring now, I think because my relationship to food is changing. Even eating out is no big deal. Either I just don’t eat or I get a chicken salad. Easy peasy.

I was an emotional eater and now I’m learning how to face issues instead of stuffing them down with bread sticks and cake. And watching others eat is an experiment in itself. I see people gorging on food and it makes me sad. I want them to know that there is life beyond food addiction. My hope and prayer is that I never return to that place of bondage again and that I can help others find freedom as well. Life is so much more fun when food isn’t the focus. I’m definitely not out of the woods yet, but I’m on my way. The verdict is in: Medifast rocks.


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