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February 12, 2013 by Kara Nichols

I brought home a betta fish yesterday. Here’s a shot of Bijoux meeting her new frenemy Buster:


Bijoux has spent a few hours today checking him out. He seems happy in his new quarters, which compared to the small plastic container he was living in, this is a mansion.


I’ve dedicated myself to bringing more life into my space. Both with pets and plants. I don’t think I’ll be adding in anymore pets, so I’m left with foliage. I currently have three, and I haven’t killed them which is quite the victory. I plan to add more houseplants and maybe even attempt a small garden in the coming months.

Besides Buster the only real change around here will be for the next 40 days. After doing some thinking I decided that I am giving up television for Lent. So starting tomorrow through March 30 I will be tv-free. I’ve participated in Lent before but I’ve never given up television. I don’t watch a ton, mainly a handful of shows that my dvr records for me. I am going to try and use that time allocated for tv to read, pray, and listen to sermons online.



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