The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Christmas Present Edition

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December 11, 2012 by Kara Nichols

The worst Christmas present I’ve ever received was an automatic litter box. LITTER. BOX. FOR. CHRISTMAS. To my ex’s credit, the litter box had been on my wish list. But it was on there for me to remember to buy it for myself at some point, not for him to buy it for me. Apparently he wasn’t a mind reader and got me the litter box thinking he was giving me a great gift. I was devastated. Where was the drama? The jewelry? The romance? The excitement? Spa gift certificate? Shoot, I would have settled for a homemade coupon for a hug and kiss. The best, or worst part, depending on how you look at it, is the fact that I grew to loathe that automatic litter box. It was loud & obnoxious – a constant reminder of the crappy Christmas. Pun intended. I left the litter box behind when I moved to Virginia. It’s probably in a landfill somewhere.  I wish my initial reaction would have been more gracious. It was a thoughtful and useful present. But in the end it seemed to sum up where that relationship was heading: poop scooping hell.

The best Christmas present I’ve ever received was a ’78 Volvo when I was 17 years old. I actually paid for most of it myself, I had a “car fund” but was still shopping around. Well, my dad knew I was really into Volvos (why???) at the time and he scored one. My parents hid it in my brother’s garage – they washed and waxed it and did other nice things to it. Then on Christmas morning I was led around the house with clues and finally ended up in the driveway where my Cream Puff awaited! I cried like a baby. It was shocking and thrilling!

This Christmas I let my family off the hook of giving gifts in order to give to those in need. Doug is still on the hook but I picked out one of my gifts so I know there won’t be any crying. At least not the sad kind.


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