String of Pearls


November 15, 2012 by Kara Nichols

One gift I received for my high school graduation was a string of pearls. To be honest I didn’t wear them very often but they hold great significance to me now. Here’s why:

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Especially when single. And especially because it’s my ex-fiance’s birthday. So last year on February 14 while I was visiting my sister, her friend Julie came over to see me. She knew I was down. Julie told me a story of a young girl with a string of pearls.

The pearls had been her mother’s who had just passed away. She loved those pearls, they reminded her of her mother’s love and she took them everywhere she went. One day her father asked for the pearls but the girl refused. Finally, her father took the pearls off of her neck and threw them in the fire. The girl was shocked and heartbroken. Little did she know that all of this time she was wearing a fake strand and her father wanted to give her the real set of pearls that belonged to her mother. Julie told me that God was removing the fake pearls in my life to make room for the real thing – a gift from God. She told me to have faith that God was working in my life and had plans for me. I wept as I heard the story, it resonated to so deeply in me and I felt validated by God, that He saw where I was and what I needed. Julie also sang a song over me. Beloved by Kari Jobe. I felt the Lord’s presence that day in a new and amazing way that afternoon but I was still suffering from a broken heart.

Pearls became a sign of God’s love and promises. I began to wear the pearls I received from my graduation. Until last summer. I was manic and under the impression that I was famous and everyone in town recognized me. I took a walk up to the main road, pearls around my neck, and prayed for God to show me what to do next. It was a time of deep spiritual tug of war between God demons for my soul. I became confused and scared and I felt someone tell me to get rid of my pearls because people would think I was rich when really I am poor and I was trying to be everything to everyone – a true example of a Christian. I also thought that I didn’t need the pearls anymore so I tossed them into a storm drain and walked away. I thought they would be a hindrance to me being able to connect with people who were down and out. I didn’t want to be too fancy. It was also a comfort thing – the pearls seemed to give me a big of stability during the height of my mental crisis. I felt as though God was calling me to get rid of them and not depend on them for comfort. And maybe He was, maybe He had me get rid of them simply so I had this story to share with you. He has taken the fake pearls out of my spiritual life and replaced them with eternal pearls of His love. Someday I will have another string of pearls and I will cherish it.

What are your string of pearls? Is God calling you to get rid of something that is fake? He wants to give you the real thing! I pray that you will be open today to what the Lord may be trying to change in you. Perhaps you are still waiting for the real set of pearls – His truth and promises. Take heart my friend. He is faithful to finish a good work in you. Keep your eyes out for your string of pearls!

“The pearl is the oldest known gem, and for many centuries it was considered the most valuable. Unlike all gems, the pearl is organic matter derived from a living creature – oysters and mollusks. It was said in some early cultures that the pearl was born when a single drop of rain fell from the heavens and became the heart of the oyster. Pearls have been called the ‘teardrops of the moon.’ Some believe that pearls were formed by the passage of angels through the clouds of heaven. Over time, the pearl has become the symbol of purity and innocence and it is often sewn into bridal gowns, or worn as jewelry by the bride.”

ā€œThe sun and moon, O Lord, are Thy lamps; the firmament Thy salver; the orbs of the stars the pearls encased in it.ā€


One thought on “String of Pearls

  1. Well said, Kara! Definitely food for thought.

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